Training for teachers on issues of race, belonging, migration and empire.

Terms, Conditions and Community Guidelines

TRACTION is committed to fostering a mutually supportive and inclusive environment for all participants to engage in productive knowledge exchange through all its elements, including, but not limited to, the TRACTION Toolkit, and associated forums. We therefore ask all users to establish and maintain respectful and professional communication by committing to the following guidelines.  Please note that the terms ‘user’ and ‘users’ refers to any individual accessing, using, or registering to use the TRACTION website.  

  1. Professional Conduct
    1. TRACTION asks everyone to maintain professional etiquette, and to avoid any unprofessional posts and exchanges. ‘Unprofessional’ is here defined as any form of disrespectful, dismissive, patronising, bullying, or harassing behaviour. In the unlikely scenario that participants exhibit openly disrespectful, disruptive, or harassing behaviour, TRACTION reserves the right to remove the comment and/or attendee(s) from the forum and, if necessary, revoke access to the forum and if needed the website and any associated programmes now or in the future.
    2. Users must respect the privacy of individuals and not disclose, share or quote comments from the community forum or other interactions.
    3. Users of the site must restrict personal details.  Users should not share their own or other people’s personal details (personal emails, addresses, phone numbers) on the community forum or anywhere on the site (excluding registration purposes).
    4. In the interests and requirements of safeguarding and privacy, users must not share school, school staff, parental, or student information.
    5. Many topics being discussed in the Toolkit and on the forum concern historical injustices and tragedies on the subject of immigration, race, sexuality, and gender, and the policies and behaviours those theories have supported. Whilst TRACTION supports the efforts of scholars to engage fearlessly with the past without attempting to sanitise it, it is the responsibility of participants to understand and confront these issues in a respectful and thoughtful manner. Please bear in mind that community members and their students may find images, texts, and individual words relating to these subjects distressing. If you believe that anything in the sources or incidents you refer to may be a cause of such distress, then please indicate this at the start of your message. If your historical sources use offensive language – for example, racial slurs – it is best to avoid citing or using this language directly. In short, if your sources contain material/language that could be deemed offensive, please reconsider using it and warn participants.      
  2. Social Media
    1. Content and materials from the website must not be shared on social media sites or tweeted without explicit permission from TRACTION and/or the copyright holders.
    2. To tweet about the project, please use #TRACTION hashtag.
    3. Please refer to TRACTION Terms, Conditions & Community Guidelines 1 – 1.16 regarding professional conduct which extends to the use of all social media sites.
    4. Please refer to TRACTION Terms, Conditions & Community Guidelines 3 -3.3 regarding access, reuse, and copyright material restrictions.
  3. TRACTION Content and Resources
    1. A portion of the TRACTION material is open access CC 4.0 for education use.  However, individual elements and images may be constrained by non-open access permissions, which are clearly indicated on the site.  
    2. TRACTION expects all users to check and take responsibility for terms of re-use for any content on the TRACTION website.
    3. Should users wish to download and use resources for educational purposes, it is the user’s responsibility to credit the source and check content for open access or copyright restrictions.
    4. Please refer to TRACTION Terms, Conditions & Community Guidelines 2 -2.4 regarding the restricted use of TRACTION material on all social media sites.
  4. Registration
    1. To access the materials and be part of the TRACTION community, you will be required to register.  By registering for an account, you are agreeing to the TRACTION terms, conditions and community guidelines.

Please raise any concerns which might arise by contacting